The repoze.what plugin for Django integration

Author:Gustavo Narea (sponsored by 2degrees, Ltd.).
Latest release:1.0a1

Extensible authorization system for Django applications.


repoze.what-django is a package that makes it possible to use the authorization framework repoze.what in Django applications. It doesn’t only play nice with the built-in authorization functionality in Django – It adds many features Django authorization lacks.

If you’re looking for a fully tested, fully documented, widely used, highly extensible and extremely reusable authorization system for your Django applications, this package is for you.

Support and development

The prefered place to ask questions is the Repoze mailing list or the #repoze IRC channel. Bugs reports and feature requests should be sent to the issue tracker of the Repoze project.

The development mainline is available at the following Subversion repository:

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