How to install repoze.what-django

Installing Django

Unfortunately, installing this package is not as easy as it should be because of Django’s limited WSGI support. You need to patch your version of Django to improve its interoperability and then you’ll be able to use WSGI middleware like repoze.what within Django, as well as other WSGI applications.


We’re trying to get these changes applied in Django and we’re maintaining a branch on Bitbucket until they are applied.

If they are applied using a different approach to ours, we’ll adapt this plugin to use the new approach.

Either way, this transition will be totally transparent for you – You would not have to update your code.

If you’re using Django 1.1, try the following (on UNIX systems, you should be able to copy and paste it directly on your terminal):

# First, download and extract Django:
tar xzf Django-1.1.1.tar.gz
cd Django-1.1.1
# Second, download the patch:
# Next, apply the patch:
patch -p0 < wsgi-support-django-111.patch
# And finally, install Django:
python install

You may need to adjust the commands above depending on your system.

If you’re using the development version of Django 1.2, then try (on UNIX systems, you should be able to copy and paste it directly on your terminal):

# First, clone the branch using Mercurial:
hg clone django-wsgi
# Second, cd into the branch:
cd django-wsgi
# Finally, install this branch of Django:
python install

Installing the plugin

Once you have a version of Django with the WSGI improvements applied, you’ll be ready to install this plugin and its dependencies.

To get the latest release with easy_install, run:

easy_install repoze.what-django

Or, if you want to download a release and install it with setuptools:

tar xzf repoze.what-django-1.XXX.tar.gz
cd repoze.what-django-1.XXX
python install

Finally, if you’d rather install the development version:

svn co repoze.what-django
cd repoze.what-django
python develop

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