repoze.what.plugins – Available plugins for repoze.what


repoze.what itself strives to be a rather minimalist project which only depends on repoze.who and built-in Python modules, so that it will never get in your way and thus make it rather easy for third parties to extend it to suit their needs.

As a consequence, it doesn’t ship with support for adapters, so you should install the relevant plugins to manage your groups and permissions.

There are three types of plugins:

adapters plugin

It’s a plugin that provides one group adapter and/or one permission adapter for a given back-end, but it may also provide additional functionality specific to said back-end.

For example, the SQL plugin provides group and permission adapters that enable you to store your groups and permissions in databases, as well as a module with some utilities to get started with repoze.who and repoze.what very quickly.

predicates plugin

It’s a plugin that provides one or more predicate checkers.

For example, the network plugin will provide predicate checkers to make sure that only people from the intranet can access certain parts of a web site.

extras plugin

It’s a plugin that enables a functionality not available in repoze.what out-of-the-box (other than providing adapters or predicate checkers).

For example, the quickstart (repoze.what.plugins.quickstart).

The classification above is not mutually exclusive: If a plugin provides adapters, predicate checkers and extra functionality, then it can be referred to as “a predicates, adapters and extras plugin”. For instance, the SQL plugin is both an adapters and extras plugin because it provides the quickstart plugin.

Available adapters plugins

Plugin name Source type Write support Groups adapter Permissions adapter
repoze.what.plugins.ini [1] .ini files No Yes Yes
repoze.what.plugins.sql SQL Yes Yes Yes
repoze.what.plugins.xml XML files Yes Yes Yes

Available predicates plugins

None, yet.

Available extras plugins

Plugin name Description
repoze.what.plugins.quickstart Pre-configured authentication system to get started with repoze.who and repoze.what quickly
repoze.what.plugins.pylonshq repoze.what utilities for Pylons/TG2 applications
repoze.what.plugins.config [2] Configure repoze.what from an Ini file with Paste Deploy.


[1]repoze.what Ini plugin, written by José Dinuncio.
[2]repoze.what Config plugin, written by José Dinuncio.