The repoze.what SQL plugin

Author:Gustavo Narea.
Latest release:1.0.1


The SQL plugin makes repoze.what support sources defined in SQLAlchemy or Elixir-managed databases by providing one group adapter, one permission adapter and one utility to configure both in one go (optionally, when the group source and the permission source have a relationship). They are all defined in the repoze.what.plugins.sql module.


Only SQLAlchemy is intended to be supported. Elixir is known to work but it’s not officially supported, so Elixir support might be broken in future releases.

How to install

The minimum requirements are SQLAlchemy, and repoze.what, and you can install it all with easy_install:

easy_install repoze.what.plugins.sql

Development and support

The prefered place to ask questions is the Repoze mailing list. Some users are on the #repoze IRC channel.

This project is hosted on GitHub.

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